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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Predators!! Predators!! Predators!!

First I had gophers in the garden eating my vegetables, then there were badgers digging up the pastures to get the gophers, then the other day when I went down to the garden my cute little prairie chickens had been scratching the dirt off the potatoes and eating them. Now we have a coyote in the barnyard getting my goats. Is this what they mean when they say to move to the country for peace and quiet. (Oh I forgot about that cute little Ermine that I saved from the dog...........that went out to the barnyard that night and got some of my chickens) We had a problem with a coyote a few years ago, he would get the big dog to chase him down the back of the property then he would sneak around the front and get a goat!! I spent many a day as the goat herder walking hill and dale with the goats to keep them safe. Now my time was not entirely wasted as I decided that I could knit socks as I walked with them. Now if goats see you have something in your hands they think it is something for them to eat so I had to disguise what I was doing so wore my jacket with the big pocket in front and tucked it in and as I was knitting with two colors I put the balls of yarn inside my jacket and ran the strands out the sleeves, then I could knit as I walked and if the goats noticed I could just tuck my knitting in the pocket. I called the socks I knit Wild Flower socks as they hit the ground occasionally. We had put up some field fence and have not had a problem for a few years but all of a sudden we are losing goats and do not know how he is getting in. One day when I ran out to chase him away he jumped right over the high what are we going to do?? We nailed pieces of 2x4's on the top of the posts around the pastures and strung barb wire along the top. So that solved that but then we found another goat dead just inside the fence..........the goat had put its head through the wire to eat on the outside and the coyote grabbed it. The grass was so high the goats could not see him coming so then the grass had to be cut down around the pastures. We have not seen the coyote for a bit so hopefully he has moved on. We have a Jack Russel named Maxx, was so afraid the coyote was going to get him because he knows no fear and almost caught the coyote by the tail the other day...........He has been renamed "Dead Dog".
We decided it was time to get the garden cleaned up and veggie's put away for the winter as we have been having some cool nights. I went down and got the carrots and onions all out of the ground. Now I was so worried that we would not have enough potatoes for the winter.........I spent all that time putting out treats for the gophers and prairie chickens to distract them from the potatoes........when the potatoes were dug and brought up to the cold room......we have over five hundred pounds of potatoes in the cold room!! I could have put a sign on the garden gate for anyone that came by to just help them selves!! Everyone knows what they are getting for Christmas this year. Will drop some off at the food bank.
So that has been the move to the country and live the quiet life!! Husband is at the market today so I better go out and feed the critters before they come knocking at the door.

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