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Thursday, October 25, 2007

More dying and willow branches

Well I got a pot of mohair curls, some mohair roving and some wool skeins dyed in time for our guild sale, took pictures of the mohair curls...........too yummy, wanted to keep them and just look at them and I got pictures of my wool skeins but forgot to take pictures of the mohair rovings and they were all sold. All the mohair curls also sold and have orders for more so better get another pot on the next day or so and I do have a couple of wool skeins left from the sale so can knit some socks. I have to get to the mill to get some more wool yarn to dye so have some for the Christmas sale. My thrum slippers sold so am knitting on another pair and this time I am being really crazy placing the different colored thrums, it was hard but is getting easier all the time. The sale was great as usual, I sat and knit on my thrum slipper....and unknit on my thrum slipper....have to confess I did not get very far in my knitting, someone would want to see how to knit the thrums in and then somehow the slipper would get turned around, I usually try to have the heel already turned before I try to knit and demo. And then I talked...........and then talked some more..........actually I talked until I was dizzy. and what was the greatest thing I got at the sale you ask me???.........Willow branches.....fresh willow branches!! Free......someone had used them as a display..........I have to confess there was a lot of begging on someones part but that someone brought them home in her car. Now I am on my way out to the car to bring them in and form them into wreaths in time for Christmas. It has been five years since I have had willow to make some wreaths. I had my own willow tree at the last place so I could just run out and snip and then we moved to this rocky tree less hill. The only tree I found while walking the quarter section was this poor little evergreen that had been chewed down by cows for years and the poor little guy was so narled and twisted. I said to resident husband....we either have to move him up by the house or we have to give him some friends and build a fence around them. We moved him up by the house and put a little mesh fence around him so he would not get peeded to death (boy dogs) and he was petted and admired and encouraged and he is so beautiful now, his branches grow at least a foot a year.
Well am out to bring my willow in, can not find my brown tape to cover the wires, it has only been five years so do not know why I can not put my fingers on you? I will replace the wire later. Will try to get pictures of the wreaths.

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