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Friday, October 12, 2007

How did I do at the show?

Remember the items I entered in the show at the llama convention? I had entered three llama fleeces and one came in first in the class, I had entered a hat and a pair of socks and the socks came in third, a lady had knit a pair of gloves and entered in that class, anyone that knits gloves should come in first, good grief.........all those fingers to knit, I have trouble with a thumb on a pair of mitts!! Then I had spent all that time picking guard hair and trash out of a llama fleece to enter the class that you send in two oz. of fibre and they spun one oz. and displayed it with the oz. of unspun fibre. I got first in that class with my entry and it took supreme over the whole show!! My winnings were a fifty dollar certificate to the mill for fibre processing, a couple of T shirts with a picture of a handpainted picture of a llama's head and a little stuffed llama. Forgot to take a picture of the t-shirts, husband had forgot to bring them so just got them in the mail yesterday. Will have to take a picture of the llama picture on them, I love it. Just went and took a picture of the t-shirt picture to post.
What else have I been doing? Sock knitting, had three orders for socks so have been trying to knit on them a bit each day, have a pair and a sock of another pair almost done. Have so much to do keep running in circles so decided that everynight before I go to bed I will write down what I want to accomplish the next day and because I can focus on that instead of trying to figure out what to do next it seems like I am accomplishing something. What is really great is when you look at your list before you head for bed and you have done what was on the list plus a few more things it feels like you are in control and if I don't get something done I had on the list I can add it to the next day and not feel bad about it because I probably had done a few things that weren't on the list for the day. Otherwise it seems if you don't get finished what you thought you should, you go to bed thinking that you did not get anything done that day. Writing down what you did accomplish that day lets you see that you are getting things done! When I tried to plan the whole week in advance and did not get everything done I felt I should have it was depressing. I don't know whether this makes sense to anyone else but me??
On the windsceen front.................still have not seen Mr. Windfenceman!! Mr.!! The posts you put up are not stopping much wind!! They need the screen on them!!

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