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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Still running in circles

Well back to the windfence saga, Mr Windfenceman had said that he would be back in a couple days to finish the fence.........Did not show up........did not call, on Tuesday morning I was thinking maybe we should call and see what his plans were. When he left he had the poles in the holes he dug and had braced the poles in place but we had a wind and rain storm during the night a few days later and the braces on a couple poles had snapped and a couple poles were leaning over. Well at noon on Tuesday here he came with the cement truck behind him, so the poles and the pads with hooks in them for the guide wires are set in cement and he said it would take seven days to set up properly and then he will come back and put up the windscreen. When the wind was blowing the other days the poles were swaying.
Now that I figured out how to keep the gophers from eating the potatoes by leaving tastier treats for them I will not have to worry about them............the badgers have moved in and are trying to dig the gophers out!! When I looked out the window the other day I noticed this mound of freshly dug dirt which I had not noticed before?? Then the next morning there were a lot of mounds of dug up dirt, so went down and had a look this morning and sure enough...........badgers digging, what a mess!! Now how to get rid of the badgers?? What are their favorite treats....does anyone know?

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