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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What have I been doing?

I have been winding some of my colored skeins into balls to make sock and hat kits. Mrs Beasley was insistent than she be the one to hold them for the picture, see how happy she is, otherwise this is her regular job.............a cat lap, although she looked pretty happy doing that too. So that is done and I am onto the next project (the alpaca fibre sorting is an on going thing of course)I decided to do something wild and crazy with the thrum slippers I knit so I rainbow dyed up some roving and used that for the thrums. Now this was going to be super easy I was just going to randomly knit the thrums in but the blue and purple looked so great together I thought (this always gets me into trouble) that I would alternate blue and purple which did look great butttttttt now the simple random thrum idea was out the window and I had to pay attention to what color went where and with my lack of attention span I ended up ripping out as I would get two thrums side by side of the same color! Plus I had to pick through the roving to get only blue and purple............I could have just dyed blue and purple in the first place! Now on the finished slipper there is a place that I have three purple thrums together..........and I did not notice it until I had knit down a bit and I did not want to rip out again so I just left it and I am going to remember to do the same thing on the other slipper so they match.......and I am going to say that it is a artistic design......right?..... But I am going to knit a pair with all the colors together, I am going to force myself even if the colors are fighting with each other..........although I have noticed that the lime green and the rusty orange color look great together. Well husband is off to the farmers market today and I can see my little goat friends standing in a row looking at the house waiting for me to go out and take care of them so I better get moving, they have been known to open the gate and come and get me so I am off!!


Brendanr said...

The slippers look great :P Steve keeps wearing his grey and white ones around the house...makes me very jealous, lol. I think I might need to buy one of those kits from you and make myself a pair :D

nona/granny said...

I'm having trouble with my account... hopefully I haven't signed in 30 times. Anyways.... What about Mr. Windfenceman?; and what about the depressed Alpaca's????