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Friday, May 8, 2015

Computer is finally Co-operating and Plant Drama Rules my Days!

I can not believe I can add a photo and actually write a blog entree!! The powers that be decided to upgrade everything on my computer and I could not get anything to work properly for days and thought I would give it another try and here we are. Last post I decided I would try to pull out a pailful of weeds from my flowers gardens a day......well there are so many weeds coming up I graduated to the wheel barrow pretty fast....too many trips to the compost pile using a pail. Had a day off from cleaning up around my plants today as we had a good rain last night, actually at six this morning there was a bit of snow on the ground but it disappeared pretty fast. it was getting so cold last night we turned the heater in the greenhouse on high and with a small fan going with the heater plus I find open pails of water sitting around keep things from freezing and everything survived, all my little plants are still in the shed with their little heater so they have been safe....from the cold but not from a mouse....six pepper plants got munched!! I was just thinking after having most of the pepper plants munched last year I better get the clear plastic cups on them...well now have them on the plants...if it isn't one thing it is another! I have one of those small greenhouse shelf things and thought the other day I would set it up out beside the shed on the east side where the wind usually does not bother the time I dug out all the pieces and fooled around trying to remember how it went together...finally got it all set up and got it outside...was just going to put a few of the tomato plants in it and the wind decided it was not a good idea, had a pail with some soil in it so put that in the bottom of the little greenhouse thinking it would keep it from moving in the wind and it stayed good until the next day when the wind came from the other direction and over it went....did not do any damage so struggled with it and got it back in the shed. What would I do with myself if I did not have all this drama with my plant children. No more spinning done but knit a couple pair of fingerless mitts while being a cat pillow...have to save some time out of my day to spend time with these old cats, they drive me crazy but then I remember they are fifteen years old and one day they will not be here and I will miss them...RH says he is sure they are going to outlive us...Had not sewn anything for ages but younger son's fiancée had a bag she bought when they were on holidays and wanted me to put a lining in it, so after getting sewing machine oiled up and gathering up thread, scissors etc. I managed to get that project finished this afternoon so that is another thing off the list. Do not know where the days go...first it is Monday...then here is Friday. But this weekend it is Mothers to the plant stores!! But it going to be warm enough to get plants...that I might have to baby if the weather does not warm up.....tomorrow is another day...hopefully without snow......

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