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Monday, September 30, 2013

Dyeing skeins in the microwave.......I did have good intentions!!

I have never dyed any yarn in the Microwave...I always rainbo dye in large pots on the stove but now we have the extra MW oven as in this place the MW had to be over the stove and had a special exhaust system, I had an oven I could use. It is in a cabinet downstairs in the work room and although I have no water down there as yet I could just carry some down as I was going to experiment on just a couple of skeins. So O.K. I soaked the skeins in some vinegar water and set about getting a work area set up, I thought I better plug the MW in and make sure it worked....well the light came on....but....I had forgotten how everything worked so off to find the the clock going and after reading instructions I remembered how things work so off to color the skein of wool. I had blue and red dye already mixed up, so got it ready to go and noticed a small amount of some purple mixed up so took that with me...was just going to wing it as it was just an experiment. Got the first skein laid out on the plastic wrap and applied the red and blue dye and got it rolled up and in the dish I was using and put it in the MW and got it turned on and going...but...nothing was heating up....I would set the time to cook and away it would go...but it was not cooking!!&^&*(&^% O.K.!! I got a pot out and ran it upstairs and put it on the stove and got the steamer rack in it and turned the burner on and went back downstairs to put dye on the other skein and get it wrapped up in the plastic wrap, I had seen somewhere that you could put your jelly rolled skein into a large freezer bag before putting it in the MW....but how would that work in a steamer...sitting on a metal rack...I thought what do I have to lose...nothing is going to plan anyway!! So got the skeins in the large ziplock freezer bags leaving the top open a bit so steam could get out...put the lid on and set the timer. When time was up I took the lid off the kettle and let the yarn cool in the bags then filled the sink with warm water about the same temp of the skeins adding some salt to set the color.....I had left too much water in the skeins before I put the dye on them so they were a bit sloppy....I mean what else could I do wrong!! So gave the skeins a couple of washes until the color was not coming out and really....they looked pretty good. so hung them to dry overnight and reskeined them this morning. This is how they came out..
So here they are, after all the juggling around they did not turn out too bad, I added a bit of the purple to the second skein and really like it. RH went down and had a look at the MW this morning...and found out what the problem was set on would go through the motions but would not heat up...he remembered the problem that we had with a demo TV monitor we got a few years now it is ready to go. Will have to get some more dye solution mixed up and try this MW dyeing another day. It is so fall out here right now..wind and more wind during the night last night, I lay in bed trying to think if everything was tucked away that could blow around. It has calmed down right now but the forecast is for the wind to blow again tonight. The farmer behind us was out at dusk combining his crop that he had cut down a few days ago and the dust blowing into our yard was terrible, made sure all the windows were closed tight but it still sifts in, hopefully he got it all finished. well it is after midnight here so better get off to bed...a new week starting tomorrow!!

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