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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yay! Finished the Scarf and on to The next UFO!

After thinking about the scarf I was knitting and had taken the tips off to knit something else I finally got it out and put the needle tip on that I thought I might have used and I tried not to think about the pattern and just started knitting and it all came back to me, plus after knitting a few rows it looked like I had the right needle.
I received some roving as a gift and spun it up for this scarf. I finished knitting it tonight and will get it washed and blocked tomorrow. Got one UFO finished!! I have many more to get out and work on, it seems I am working on something then I get an order from a customer and put it aside and there it sits, then I come across another pattern I love and want to start something I had a little talk with myself....decided I would finish three UFO's totally and get them blocked and I would allow myself to start something else I have been waiting to knit. This is such a blah time of year a person needs something new to least I do..really sad when you have to give yourself a bribe to get a few things finished up...but what ever works. Still working downstairs...ran out of flooring so had to order some more and wait for it to come in, came in Friday so will get it finished in the next couple of days, meanwhile RH picked up some baseboards and has painted them so they are ready when the flooring is finished, he also picked up some paint for the walls so things are coming together. i am just so stressed with all the mess and not being able to get the alpaca fleece sorted and away to the mill. We had a snow storm blow in this morning but it ended as fast as it started, it is not that cold out right now, just watching the news tonight seeing the snow other parts of the country are having...nasty!! Now the decision....what UFO should I bring out tomorrow to finish?? Will sleep on it......

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