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Sunday, February 3, 2013

February has crept in.....Where did January go??

Well the month of January is gone and February has crept in and with it some warmer weather, they are saying the Groundhog did not see his shadow....and we are supposed to get an early spring.We have been getting beautiful sunsets this winter so thought I would share the picture I had taken a couple days ago. I have been busy but at what?? Have not got much accomplished, did get another pair of socks knit and like the color of them, the color is lighter than in the picture, was not happy with the sock wool I used for the other pair but I have been wearing them and they are great, nice and warm.
We have been busy putting the flooring on the floor downstairs all week and almost finished, what a job with all the stuff we have down there, boxes that have been packed since we moved and all my fibre stuff in plastic bins, I have cabinets that are in storage that we can move in and I can get everything sorted out and know where things are, did not want to move them in before we got the floor finished. We had to move everything all to one side, do that portion of flooring then move it over and finish the rest of the floor but it is going to be sooo nice when it is all finished. Have been trying to take a bit of a break from knitting but is so hard to sit without knitting so have been knitting a few fingerless gloves. Should really get at all the UFO's that are lurking around here and there, came across a scarf I had started with some of my what can I do....I was knitting it on a round needle, it was a needle with exchangeable tips...and I must have needed that size for another item, usually I pin a note to the item when I do that...but can not find any I remembered I did not like the way the pattern I was using was turning I made up a pattern...and can not remember what it was..also can not find any info about that...note to self..smarten not ever do that again, am hoping if I rip back a few rows I will remember. I have quite a bit knit on it. So on it goes....

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