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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Having a Snow Day!!

It had warmed up and most of the snow was gone, we woke up to this softly falling snow this morning and it is very soft looking out there. The knitting is slowly winding down, decided I would not knit a stitch yesterday and it was very hard not to pick up the needles last night but I managed...kept falling asleep.
This how I knit!! I keep telling her she is going to lose an eye one day because of the needles but it does not worry her!! Well off to get at the day, today will be a baking day and then putting up the Christmas tree...and of course a bit of knitting.


crafty cat corner said...

The picture of your cat is wonderful, he/she is so relaxed.

Thanks for the comment on the quilt.
I had a hiccup in the middle of making it when I got squared out. lol, but when I got going again it made up quite quickly.
I think I'm making the next one for another Grandson who will be 21 next March. Maybe they won't think much of them at the moment but in later years I hope they will remember me when they look at them.
As for reducing my stash, I don't think so, lol, I know I shall add more at some time, I can't resist fabric and wool.
Oh well, its my only vice, I don't smoke, drink or go out much and a girl's got to have some pleasure hasn't she?
Have a lovely Christmas

hippyspinner said...

Hi Betty - love th header photo too cute and a snow day sounds fantastic - how on earth you can knit and cuddle is a skill in itself :) have a great day chat soon val x