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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well...winter has hit with a Bang!!

 We went from a nice warm day to instant winter in a few hours and the really bad part was it rained first. I took this picture just before dark yesterday and it has snowed all day today, so we have quite a bit of snow and also had some wild wind and power outage overnight. Temps also dropped so it has been cold, animals were out grazing yesterday but did not see anyone out today, they stayed in the barn and munched hay. RH had a dentist appointment in the city yesterday but canceled it thank-goodness. I just stayed tucked in the house knitting socks and spinning some yarn  for fingerless mitts hopefully will finish spinning and get get it plied, ready to start knitting tomorrow .                                                                                                                            
Since  I took the picture of these socks I have finished them and knit one more sock and started its mate, hope to have at least four pair knit for the first market. Can not believe it is Thursday tomorrow........week is going to be gone before I know it!! Well.......time to put the needles away and off to bed, weatherman just said snow ending tomorrow but it is staying cold..............not used to this!! Little Miss Rosebud was wrong about us skipping winter....she is sitting out there with a covering of snow......trying to be brave.......

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shelley said...

The snow with extra cold is a bit of a shock -- even if it is November! Smart animals and you to stay inside!