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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slowly making Progress!!

I bought this scratching thing for the cats, Was hoping Grey Kitty would use it instead of a post on the oak railing and it has worked...she has claimed it as you can see. It came with a pkg of catnip which she loves, if I forget to put a bit of catnip on it before I go to bed at night you should hear the howling. Now I thought both cats could use it but Sheba thinks it is beneath her to use it or even like the catnip and if Grey Kitty plays with the feather thing which has a bell on it, it annoys Sheba and she has to go smack Grey Kitty. They are just like human children.....

Finally have the sock order finished, all washed blocked and ready to go. Hopefully I can manage to get a few more pair knit in time for the next craft market, people have been complaining as I have no socks on my table......I am knitting as fast as I can!!  Have to get some more fleece sorted and off to the mill to get some more sock yarn spun up before I run out.  Quite nice out today so will try to get out to the garage and get some sorting fibre done. Took time to vacuum the house and repot one of the Christmas cactus that was looking pretty sad, don't think the soil in her pot was absorbing the water anymore, even though she looked like she was on her last legs she had flower buds coming out. I have four big plants and the other three are starting to bloom, can not get over how long a Christmas cactus lives, the one I got that was my Grandmothers must be thirty years old or more, the one that I inherited when my mother-in-law passed away has been around for ages. Keep thinking I should start some new plants off the old plants just incase I really have room for more plants?? 
As soon as I finished the sock orders I started on the fingerless mitts order, think I have five pair to do....better check on that. I had spun up some black Alpaca fibre a bit ago from our boy Blackberry, it is so silky and shiny you would think it was silk. Is hard to get a good picture so you can see the sheen on it, don't know whether all black alpaca is so silky but we have three animals that have the black silky fibre. Had some spun up at the mill in the spring mixed with merino and bamboo............I think it was bamboo....and it turned out so nice, have not knit with it yet. As soon as I finish this pair I will knit some of it up. Have to also get some llama fibre carded up and spun to knit the rest of the fingerless mitts ordered, they are for the same lady that ordered five pair from me a couple months ago and took them with her when she went to New york and gave them as gifts.

I finally figured out how to separate my pictures with text......sort of...instead of having to just pile my pictures in at the beginning of the post, I finally noticed that they had updated blogger with all sorts of new options so I updated......and then had a bit of a panic attack on how to use everything.....will not know if it worked until I post...will I?? Have been trying to get a website up and running and talk about using every brain cell I own!! but I am determined to do it.  I keep telling myself that I am exercising my brain. Well off to knit a bit!! It has been great with no distractions the last few days, RH is off helping son Tom lay stone tile on some of his floors and it has kept him so busy he has not had time to even phone me.


Jody said...

I'll have to get one of those cute scratching pads for my kitty kids too.
I luv black alpaca blended with silk!

Val at Newland Ranch said...

Cozy looking socks. Do you use an alpaca blend? Like the new look to your blog!