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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot!! Hot Day!!

It was hot today, I think the hottest day this summer.....I think it is summer now...hard to tell as we have had more cool days then hot days, so went out and gave all the plants a drink and then we waited until we got enough shade on the north side of the garage so we could get the dog run up....yup finally have a proper dog run, after all these years of my complaining we have a dog run. RH phoned from the city the other day and said he found a dog run on sale...should he get it.....well....yes!! So that is what we did today with the resident dog supervising. Wonder if he realizes that it is for him.
Tried to fix the mistake in the fingerless mitts I was knitting but finally had to pull all out and start over....that is what I get for sleep knitting. Have a good three inches knit and so far so good, should be able to finish them tomorrow. Then the dye pots have got to come out as most of my dyed yarn sold at the market on Sat. Well off to bed, the thing I love about living up here in the hills is no matter how hot it is during the day it always cools down at night.


Jennifer Robin said...

We've been blessed with the same kind of weather as you this summer. Not even enough sunshine for a summer garden, but then, given the weather most of the country is suffering with, I'm not complaining!

Lynne said...

Smoke in the valley is not any where near as bad as Williams Lake or closer to the big fires. The road heading east is now open so if we did have to get out can at least now do so. Evacuation alert turned out to be only for Tatla and not my valley. Frost this morning +1 at 6 am and that was at weather station 5 kms south of me, I'm usually a good bit cooler.