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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is Spring Here Yet???

I really have to get my act together, time is running away from me but am really glad it is March already....what happened to I remember....the Olympics, thank-goodness for the Olympics, I think we need it every year to make February go so fast. Do not know what happened to us this year that we went so crazy keeping up with everything that was going on, usually we have our favorites and make sure we watch them but no this year we were totally addicted. Every morning I would say to myself....I am not turning the T.V. on until noon was just like a magnet.....the T.V. would just suck me over to turn it on. I did get quite a bit of knitting done, I knit up some wool hats to felt and got them felted, now just have to decide if I want to put some decoration on them, have to think on that a bit. Have been knitting a couple scarf/hat sets out of a cotton acrylic yarn plus doing some house cleaning, the living room has seven windows with venetian blinds on them, have cleaned six of them and hopefully will get the last one cleaned tomorrow, RH was repairing a crack above that window. Have also been painting all the window frames and baseboards, they only had the undercoat on them. So everything is pushed into the middle of the room and it is getting to me, have decided everything will be back into place tomorrow. Weather has warmed up a bit and most of our snow has disappeared, usually when it warms up we get these terrible winds.....I am whispering this.....(we have not had any wind lately) The weather is changing all over the is someone else getting our wind? The weather getting warmer is getting me in a panic to order my garden seeds. Snow has melted back from my flower beds and so far I do not see any mouse damage. Vegetable garden is still under snow and hopefully everything is good down there too, last year all the little fruit trees were munched off and came from the ground up, so here is hoping they are o.k. today we had so many little birds fluttering around, hopefully that means spring is just around the corner.


Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

The hats are gorgeous! :)

Shelley's Garden said...

Agree with Brenda on those hats! Those Olympics had you very productive on the knitting.

Val said...

Cleaning blinds is quite a chore. I did mine last month.
Re: your blog comment - yes, the barn is full of wool again. Its an on going job to keep the wool moving from sheep to retail. We also have warm, WINDLESS weather, so I'm thinking March might go out like a Lion! Lambs aren't due until mid May - just a few more weeks to knit, etc.
Happy Easter Greetings!