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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What am I knitting??

I finished the baby sweater, just have to put the buttons on it, the pattern was from the Book 1: The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville and is called The Baby Albert Coat, I wanted to try the pattern out as they have a pattern for an adult sweater too, it is neat how you knit the bottom first then the back, then the sides by picking up stitches, then pick up stitches for the sleeves and knit them, the only sewing is the top of the sleeve and shoulder. There are instructions to make a bunting with a hood, it is so cute.
Then here is the scarf I started last fall with the sewing thread llama yarn, knit with the feather and fan stitch, got so tired of it last fall I tucked it away. Found it a bit ago and decided even if it did me in I would finish it, so I knit...and I knit...and I measured...and I knit...every night I would say this is it!! I am going to cast off tomorrow but then would measure it and decide...well I will knit a bit more. Wanted to knit it to sixty inches...finally it was fifty-four and I could not knit another I cast off, I think by the time it is washed and blocked it will be near the sixty inches. I have tons of this fine yarn so decided I would try crocheting it and it is working so much better, goes a lot faster.
Meanwhile I found a pattern for a vest that you knit and then full ( felt a bit) , there is a formula that you use, you knit up the swatch and then you wash it to full it and then you measure your swatch and figure out the percentage it felted and then multiply the length of the vest by the percentage of felting to get the proper length you need to knit. So I did all the figuring and almost have the back knit, the fulling gives a really nice weight for the vest. The funny thing is it only shrinks in length and not in width. Am excited to see how it turns out, love the fulled swatch.
Today I got my Creative Knitting magazine in the mail and it has some great patterns in it, I love the jacket on the cover!! Will have to decide what to make it out of and get spinning and swatching.
We have been having snow and blowing snow weather the last few days, now today although it was cool out the sun was shining...but the forecast is for some more snow....more snow....I really need warm and sun shine, specially sunshine...I am being to think I am solar powered and really need some sun to charge my battery up. Right now my battery is really run down and I should head for bed.


Anonymous said...

Good on you for sticking it out with your scarf! - that little jacket in the photo is that the one in the creatice knitting mag? - I have a kiddy jacket pattern in the same design and one with a hood added to it - will go hunt for the book and see what its called.;)

Alpaca Granny said...

The Baby Albert coat is on my knitting schedule, but I'm thinking I will just go ahead and make the adult jacket.
Hope that you are getting some sunshine.....