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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rain...Snow..and then Sunshine...all in one morning!!

Finally got the llama fluff spun up, I had added about ten percent merino wool and love how it spun up...just wish there was more of it, only have about 48 gms.
Then I had some alpaca and merino spun up on a bobbin and some merino on another bobbin so decided to ply them together, the alpaca merino had been on the bobbin for a bit so did not have a lot of life to it but after it was plied and washed it came back to life, right now it is a striped yarn so have to decide whether to knit it up like it is or dye it....and you know me...I like color so it will probably be dyed. I have a lot of beautiful roving that has been admired and petted for a long while and I think I am going to spin them up. The local mill just phoned to say my fibre is ready to pick has only been a month since I took it up, it was some coarser alpaca so I had some merino added and they made it into felting batts for me. And today the mill where my llama fibre has been for a year phoned to say they are starting on it tomorrow and it should be ready to go by the weekend, so things are looking up. I just got them to wash, pick and dehair the llama and then I can card whatever other fibre with it.
I had my window open a bit when I went to bed last night and woke up about three o'clock and could hear water was poring rain...on the snow, when I got up and looked at the temp this morning it was zero but it is a worry if it gets colder and freezes and we have ice all over, then it was snowing...heavy wet snow...and then by noon the sun came out and we had monster water puddles all over...around the snow banks!! they say the weather is getting colder. Thank-goodness the end of the ceramic tileing is in sight as my allergies are so bad I feel I am surviving without a brain these days. Will be glad to see the snow disappear and spring arrive!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

the llama fluff yarn you made is gorgoeus betty - do you make snow balls and put hem in the freezer to remind you of the winter?

Shelley's Garden said...

Your yarn looks beautiful...and now more snow and cold to keep us inside! You'll be excited about picking up the fibre from the mill.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

You do a wonderful job spinning. Your yarn is gorgeous.