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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another New Girl on the Farm

Another new llama girl on the farm, the auction mart phoned a couple of weeks ago and said they had a young female llama so RH went down and got her, she has been someones pet as she is very friendly but she was covered with those horrid large fingers hurt just thinking about it....have had them in a alpaca fleece we bought. Her face, chest and down her legs were a matted mess, I was so worried they were right to her skin, you could not even pet her without getting stuck with pokes. RH got her into the stock trailer and got her trimmed up, she had never been sheared but she just stood there and the electric trimmer did not even bother her. The burrs were not to her skin thank goodness so he could leave some fibre on her so she should be o.k. if we have a cold winter. She fit right into the herd no problem. Was going to take a better picture of her but she looks pretty scruffy right now. The other thing RH did not tell me until later.....when he went to pick her up......she was in a big pen with a male llama......but he said there is no way he could have bred her as he had fibre to the ground.......famous last words.....marked the date on the calendar so we can keep an eye on her....could be a new addition next year.
Finally Tomatoes on the plants in the greenhouse, had bought a couple of larger plants to put in the greenhouse as I had so much trouble with the seeds sprouting last spring so had early tomatoes but do not think they were tomato plants to put in the greenhouse as when the tomatoes ripened they split open but they were yummy any way. After all my trouble getting seeds to sprout all these tomato seeds that were on the ground from last years tomatoes sprouted so had tomato plants all over the place, was so hard to pull them out so plants were not so crowded, did keep a couple and they are as large as the ones I had started. One plant produced a long string of blooms....if they all ripen I will have 26 small tomatoes off the one stem.

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