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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back again with a New Computer

I can not believe it has been that long since I had posted! Just could not do anything with the old computer, so have a new one and am finally learning how everything works....I hope...we will see. It let me change the is rather large in your face type picture...but it is there. The baby llamas have now been sheared and the fleece is sitting there waiting for me to get it sorted, I took some pictures before they were sheared and promised them I would not share naked pictures. Here they are, the little alpaca "Rusty" is so funny....the picture with no ears is how he looks if he can see the camera....then the picture when he thinks I am taking a picture of someone else. He can have the cutest face...and also the funniest face. We are waiting on one or maybe two alpaca babies, the one is ready to have her cria any day but the other one it will be her first cria and although I am sure she is preggers I do not know when. Now have to find time to get at all the beautiful fleece from these cuties plus all the yard work! that I have a post written and I can not believe how easy it was to get the pictures moved into it.....lets hope I can get it posted!!

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