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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Knitting and Feeding the Birds

Sister Jeannie gave me the red bird feeder for Christmas, I had mentioned one day that the trees were so pretty with all the snow and I took a picture through the kitchen window and it would have made a great Christmas card, all it needed was a red bird feeder...and here it is just as I imagined, picture is not that clear as I am taking it through a window with a screen on it. What little piggies the birds are, the males are up on the feeder fighting over their own space and tossing the seeds they do not want onto the ground below where the females eat (or that is what it seems), they go through a feeder of seed a day, we only fill it every other day and make them clean up the seed on the ground. Then there are days the birds are not here...hmmmm....wonder if the neighbors have feeders out and they do the rounds.
My Aunt made this little dress ornament and sent it to me for Christmas, it is made from some wool she had spun, I love it!! Could not put it away with all the Christmas things, have put it in the china cabinet so I can see it every day, I made her a couple of knit mice ornaments, I bought the book of Alice Starmore's Fair Isle knitting a while ago and this was the first chance I had to knit some of the patterns, the great thing about the patterns are they are all different has a pattern that says for six rows...or seven rows etc. so you can pick a pattern for what space you will have for pattern, I knit the pattern on the back of the mice and of course did not take a picture before I mailed them off to her, want to make myself a couple so will remember to take pictures. Finally got all the knitting orders finished and on their way to the customers and now have been knitting some socks for myself, finished a pair last night and am wearing them. Not really excited about the yarn but it was on sale and it will do, have started on another pair as I really need socks, have bad feet and the seam on socks you buy hurt my toes, I see they have socks for sale for Diabetics.....and they have seams on the toe too, most of my sock sales are for people who are diabetic.
We had such cold temperatures with lots of snow over the holidays and now our famous Chinook has blown in with temperatures in the plus numbers and everything is so icy, went up to the shed where I have my gardening things stored for the winter and what a time walking...thought I should have taken my cell phone with me just in case I went down on the ice. The wind blowing so hard and everything covered with ice!! not good!! RH is off to a meeting tonight so I am off to my knitting chair, if I am quiet hopefully the cats will not hear me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year Here We Come!!

Christmas over and a new year beginning! Finally getting all the Christmas decorations down and put away for another year. Here are the resident cats having their last nap on Mr and Mrs Santa's lap.
Have to make a note to make the Santa's new clothes for next year, poor old things...they are twenty-seven years old and still wearing the same clothes, guess it is about time. We had a great Christmas, youngest son gave his friend K her engagement ring Christmas Day so it was pretty exciting, K has two young girls who made our Christmas, so great to have young children around at Christmas with all their excitement. Oldest son and daughter-in law were with us for Christmas Day too with our youngest Grandson who is fifteen, he also enjoyed the company of the girls, the girls kept him so busy he did not have a minute to be bored.
They even got him to lay under the tree with them to get their pictures taken! We were so busy with Christmas markets before Christmas and all my items would sell out at the market and then it was back to the knitting needles working steady to get a few things for the next market, good thing I could fill the tables with my Alpaca yarn, and I sold so much yarn I have to get busy sorting fleeces to take to the mill so I will get it back in time for this coming years markets. I just finished all the back orders from before Christmas and can take a bit of a rest....knitting myself a pair of socks...then get at the fleece sorting. I have a few fleeces already washed up and ready to run through the carder, have to decide whether I want to dye some fleece and then card it or spin it and dye it later...maybe do a bit of each, will be great to get back to spinning again.