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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Knitting and Growing Baby Llamas!!

What is new?? Just the knitting marathon to get stock ready for the Christmas market in a week then can relax and get ready for Christmas plus have been under the weather lately and on antibiotics for the last week but am starting to feel better...good thing...I can always knit between rests. Should also get some fibre carded and pulled into rovings for sale, sold out everything the last sale, would really like to get some yarn dyed also but will have to see how time goes. As I do not have pictures of fibrey things will post some pictures the the animals growing fibre for me.They are growing so fast. Will post a couple of them today and try to find time to post the rest tomorrow. Blogger is only letting me download one picture at a time and it takes ages.
Above pictures are of Silver Dust, he is so cute but so bad, is always pestering the other llamas...has also been caught sneaking milk from other mothers and their spitting at him does not bother him at all.
And here is our beautiful girl Thistle. She is so sweet! Can not wait to see how her fibre turns out.

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