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Thursday, May 16, 2013

When I look at the last time I posted....I think I am lost!!

Why is there so much time between is because time gets away from me...trying to do too much at once?? I do not know...but the good thing is...I think that summer is actually here. I have been sorting and washing alpaca fleece..trying to catch up as it is time to shear again!! I sorted and washed a grey fleece, a white fleece and a beautiful tan colored fleece...the tan (I know tan is not the color to describe it but it is after midnight and I have very little brain function at the moment!) was a baby fleece and had so much debris in it but now it is clean it is so beautiful! Now to find some time to spin a bit of it. For my birthday I bought myself two yearling is white and one is the tan color, they are so cute, hopefully will get them sheared this week, can not wait to start processing their fleece, it is so clean as compared to what I have been working with. Have not thought of names for them yet. Meanwhile we have been trying to get some landscaping around the house finished and I planted some of the garden today, hopefully I can get some more planted tomorrow as we are supposed to get some rain, it has been so dry lately. can not wait to see things growing...besides weeds that is...why is it...even when it is so dry...weeds just keep growing.....

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