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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well here it is almost the middle of October...where did the summer go. I have been having a terrible time with blogger and the computers I had almost given up trying to write a post, did not have time to waste fighting with them, for me about the only uninterrupted time I have is at night after everyone else has gone to bed and for some reason since we have moved down here that is the time the internet is half asleep and sometimes I can not even open up the blogger site to do anything. Last post I had planted the garden etc. etc. and now the garden is being put to bed for the winter. It was so hot with next to no rain this summer so spent most of my time watering which is not the same for the plants, did get a few peas and beans and they were so good but the heat and no humidity the flowers dried up on the tomatoes and finally not even the peas and beans were producing anymore. The gladiolus had blooms come out but they did not open either, just dried up. I just dug the bulbs up, I was worried whether they would have survived...but they are large and healthy.
But with all the hot dry weather we got the decks built at the front and back of the house, my pots I filled with plants for the deck got to sit on the deck for a short bit before the frost arrived, am going to try to keep the geraniums over the winter in the shed, have a heat lamp in there right now but have to get a better heat source when it really gets cold. We have had a couple of wet days and now are having some more warm weather so are getting the landscaping finished around the front deck.
Was also busy knitting fingerless gloves for the market table and got my dye pots out a couple of times to dye up some yarn. Now the regular weekly markets are finished for the year but the Christmas markets are coming up so when I am not knitting I am sorting washing and carding Alpaca fibre. am working on a white baby fleece right was so full of vim when I started, it was a lot of work but it is clean and sooo soft, am carding a little bit of merino and silk in it and it is so beautiful!! I really want to keep it for myself...have to stop myself from running to the spinning wheel with it right now!! Well better get back to the carding...carding...carding

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

I can not believe it!! I actually posted and did not disappear into never...never land!!