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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I has been a while since I posted, we got everything packed up and moved from our old place and moved down the smaller place and started to unpack....but then looked around and this house which was a modular without a basement needed a lot of work and we had to make a decision whether to spend the money doing all the repairs and still having a modular house that is thirty years old and we would have the problem the previous owners had of trying to sell it later on down the road. At the time we got a flyer advertizing our local RTM (ready to move houses) houses that we had already been looking at when we were looking at places to move put all their last years show homes on sale. So......we purchased one of their houses.....we are great recyclers so we recycled the modular home, a young couple who are just starting out took the modular for just the cost of moving it, they had land but no house.

  The big problem we had to give a lot of thought to, we had the guy that moves the old house off and the guy that moves the new house come and see how we could manage to do all this moving on and off with out taking down too many trees. The trees when they were young were planted too close together so there were some of the trees that were really suffering, so we managed to take out a few of the bad one's and not feel too bad and hopefully the other trees will enjoy the extra space, when I counted just around the house there were more than fifty, fifty foot evergreen trees, so they were really crowded. The trees were put on the back of the property and they will also be recycled into firewood.

So we moved out to a small holiday trailer..........two of us...two cats and a dog.....litter pan in the scratching thing under the kennel squeezed in between the bed and the wall...laptop...T.V. etc. etc. and all our stuff stored in storage...seacan...garage..most of my plants are in the small room on the side of the garage and are doing surprisingly well!! The african violets were in the holiday trailer but when we had to move into it they moved out to a friends house that is empty at the moment, most of them are doing not bad considering.....RH thought he was doing me a favor and watered them for me......he thinks when you water things you drown there are a few that are struggling.

As the people that lived here before us were moving into a condo they left their outside cat here, well I was more than concerned what would happen when our Jack Russell Maxx met him for the first time plus our inside cat girls like to go out in the morning for a few minutes, what were we going to do.....the resident cat was this big black cat with big yellow eyes. So the first morning we were here out went the dog and here came the cat.......Black Cat looked at the dog and the dog looked at him....then Black cat said "Hi you want to be my friend?....and Maxx the dog looked at him and said"O.K." What a relief I tell you. Here they are waiting for Dad to come home. We could not find out what the Black Cats name was so I gave him a new name......Batman!! He keeps the yard and garage free of mice and gophers, what a hunter he is, we are so grateful as we have so much stuff in the garage, so he gets special treats and pats.

At first the house cats would run inside and spit at him through the screen, and then they got braver and would walk up to him and spit in his face...and he would just walk away. And then...Sheba who has a bit of Siamese in her background has started chasing him out of the yard and then strutting back to the house as smart as can be. I have never seen such a mild mannered cat, specially when we were the ones that moved into his space, for some reason he was happy to have animal friends.
    Then here is the picture of the house leaving the property, with me holding my breath as I was sure it was going to tumble off the truck but it made it safe and sound, the picture I did not get was the face of poor Maxx, poor little dog as he watched the only house on the place leaving. have promised him we will not move again in his lifetime.
  Now they have the basement dug and the footings poured and hopefully if the weather stays nice they will have the forms up for the walls and the cement poured, and when that is all finished it will be time for them to move the new house on. If everything goes good we could be in the house before the end of September. Meanwhile we are starting to build the llama barn.
   Now I have been trying to write this post for days but was having trouble with the internet, it would be up then would I should not be surprised as RH took the internet thingy off the house just before they put the house on the truck and had to cut the line where it went into the house and then he spiced all the little wires together and taped them good and the internet thingy if now sitting on a lawn chair so we forgive it for being so temperamental. Only thing I have been doing fibre wise is knitting a few socks and fingerless handwarmers. Just got the fibre I carded and pulled into roving before we moved, from the storage place, have to get it weighed out and bagged next week ready for the fall sales. We are hoping for a long warm fall.


Shelley's Garden said...

Hi Betty,
Missed you at the Fair -- I looked for you! But I can see you've been very busy. Just was reading to Joy about Batman the cat. What adventures you're having. Glad you've found a home that suits you.

Jody said...

Nice to have you back in blogland!
My goodness have you been busy!!
How wonderful that the cat gets along with your dog. He sounds like a very nice cat (he also looks like my first cat named 'Kat' so I like him already) :-)

Lynne said...

Glad to see you bag in the world of blogland. Lots of adventure this summer and still more to come. Do hope everything animal wise continues to go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

After all these years you still crack me up with your daily life adventures! .. Id go nuts with all the packing moving and house hunting stress!!.. well done to you Betty!

Miriam said...

Lovely to have you back - and what adventures you have been having while you were gone! The new property looks just beautiful, and I'm sure it will be no time before you're settled into your new home.