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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another month almost gone!! Have been carding Alpaca fibre and digging in the dirt!!

I can not believe it has almost been a month since I have posted!! Where has the time gone.....packing up the house to move that is can I have so much stuff!! I am beginning to think that in my life time there is no way I can use all this stuff. I see a lot of garage sales in the future and.......large gift bags for Christmas....and do not say I did not warn you!! Besides sorting and packing things up I have been carding my alpaca fibre like crazy as you know...I just might run out of roving to spin and yarn to knit with and that would be a disaster I tell you. I have got all the white alpaca and llama fibre carded and pulled into roving. Jody wanted to see the process so I took a few pictures and it was hard to take pictures while I took the roving off the drum but here it is

The drum full of fibre

Starting at one side pulling some of the fibre through the diz creating the roving

Almost finished pulling the roving off the drum

And here is my roving ready to spin!! Love the Patrick Green Supercard! now to find the time to get the tan colored alpaca carded with some merino and silk, found I had a bag of tan cashmere (found all sorts of goodies while packing) and I might card a bit of that with the tan alpaca and see how it turns out. Don't know how long it will be before I get my workroom set up so am trying to get as much as I can carded before we move. Plus we will start shearing the llamas and alpacas next week so would be nice to get last years carded, shearing should have been done but with selling this place and finding somewhere else to live and packing time has gotten away from us.
   And finally the snow has disappeared and green grass is showing up!! Look what I found in the pasture!! I think this means spring is here finally!!

I could not believe it...Crocus's!! One day they are not there and the next day the fields are full of them! It just amazes me, they are so beautiful, when the sun was just going down when you looked down the hill the crocus were sparkling like jewels. Beautiful!! I spent today potting up the plants I am going to take with me, I have been storing them in one spot in the garden. When I look at my raised beds it is all I can do not to plant them but have to keep reminding myself the people that move in can plant them.
   Well am off to bed, had an enjoyable day digging in the dirt in the sun all day today even though knees are aching and feet hurt right now.


Anonymous said...

Ahh the joys of moving! ;-) im seriously thinking of moving back into town later this year but everyday when i walk out the front and see the forests and dairy cows, the cattle & sheeps on the farms that surround us i keep changing my mind...I just dont know if i can leave this place now... I love the roving..thinking i might start making my own tops too..just got to get me a drumcarder..wonder if the sell those partick green ones here?..have a great Spring Betty - its getting colder each day here now...grrrrr i hate winter ;-) xx

Jody said...

Wow you are much work!!!
Guess what....I am getting a Supercard!!! Hubbert Farms is paying for it of course but I get to keep it here with me and make roving for us to sell. I am hoping to learn how to do a nice roving straight from the drum like you are doing in your picture. Thanks :-)