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Monday, June 7, 2010

I Think it is Finally Spring!!

I think it is spring as we have had a couple of nice days...oh no...did I actually say that!! Probably tomorrow will be another snow day!! I went to the greenhouse today and picked up some plants for in my pots for on the railing and some fillers for my pots of geraniums, I am hoping that the geraniums can finally go out, but we did have a couple of thunder storms with a bit of rain, hail and wind. Thank-goodness it was just the edge of it. Good news is the garden is coming up, slow but is coming, no mouse damage so far, hoping I did most of them in, although a few little trees were chewed on during the winter. A little apple tree that I started from a apple seed and had got to be four feet high last year and I was so excited as it has grown almost two feet a year....has died to the ground...:(..good news is it is coming back. If the rodents do not do damage and the deer that was in the garden last year does not come back and the hail does not get it.....I should have a good garden. I wish I had not written that last makes me wonder....why did I plant a garden if I have all these strikes against me?? Because I do not give up..I will have a garden!! yes I will!!
Not too much on the fibre front, we have our place listed for sale so that means cleaning and sorting etc etc, I really have too much stuff I tell you, no one needs that much stuff, so doing that plus gardening and helping with the shearing...which still is not finished because of the weather. I had to send my entry's in for the fleece show without knowing whose fleece it will be, the longer we leave the shearing of the llamas the more trash will be in them, not a happy thought. Still have not taken any pictures of the fibre I had processed at the mill, have to make a note to do that. When RH left the big tractor down by the garden I said you should not have done that as next time you want to use it the birds will have made a nest in it and sure enough when he went to move it days later this is what he found, thank goodness the bird had just finished laying the eggs so had not been sitting on them. So he took the nest out and gave it to me, it was so beautiful with four little eggs, I really wanted to keep the nest as you can see they had put a bit of llama fibre in it but did not want to bring it in the house as who knows what could be in it so I left the nest outside and brought the eggs in, I will coat the eggs with a clear varnish and hope I can save them. The next morning I remembered something I had read about saving a nest.....I think I have it right.....they had said to put the nest (without the eggs in it) in the oven at a low temp. for a bit and then it would be safe to keep in the house, if there were any bugs in it they would be gone. So I went outside to find the nest and it was gone...either the wind blew it away...or I could dream that the little birds came back and took it piece by piece...and made a new nest somewhere safe. I am going to believe they recycled their nest. it is after midnight and I think the computer is telling me it wants to go to bed as it is doing weird things with my text, have to keep going back and fixing it.

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