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Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Knitting and some Cuteness

We are actually having fall this year after last year when we went from summer to winter overnight, hope it stays around for a while as the chores never end. Watered the garden good today as it was getting so dry, still enjoying some of the veggies, can not believe I still have edible lettuce. I see the mice are also enjoying the carrots, some of the tops were munched and the last week we have had a deer visiting, lots of footprints but the only thing that got tasted was the top of a few berry bushes. We moved the females llamas over to the pasture by the garden so will probably not have trouble with the deer anymore. Llama babies should start arriving toward the end of the month so I wanted them closer to the house so I could keep an eye on them. Really enjoying the gift babies, have to take the time to name the poor things, keep calling them girl baby and boy baby. The little girl loves to get her picture taken and is always posing but the boy just says get away with that camera, but I did get a couple of pictures of him.
The fleece sorting is on going when I get a minute but have been trying to get my knitting for the conference finished, everyone is knitting scarves out of llama fibre and donating them to the conference, I have three made and want to do one more but also entered a couple skeins of yarn in too so I better get them done, only have a week and a half left. Washed and blocked all the socks today that I have been knitting all summer, had blocked some before and today I had thirteen pair to block. Will have to dig them all out and do a count. I took a picture of the red scarf partly finished but got it finished today and blocked it, wanted it to be about sixty inches....after it was was over seventy inches....I thought it would probably block a bit larger.....but ten inches!! The pattern I used was the one row scarf, was worried as I knit that it would be too loose but after it was blocked it was o.k. Will try to get a picture tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

very cute indeed are your llamas - what about naming the girl Posie as she likes to pose ;) the boy could be call Stu seeing he is so STUborn ;)

love the llama scarf - im close to starting my mittens made from your llama you sent me and vals bison - they are going to be the best mittens in the world!