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Friday, November 14, 2008

I am still body if nothing else.

Well fall markets are finished and I am trying to get the special orders finished and delivered...almost done...almost done. The two pair of child's wool socks are knit and ready to pop in the mail, I am just finishing putting the suede on the heels of three pair of men's slipper socks and then they are in the mail, so now just have a pair of thrum slippers and a little sheep or llama hat ordered for a baby. Then I can think about Christmas but before that I better think about some house cleaning, I am seriously thinking about giving two cats and one dog a crew cut.Want to dye some mohair roving before I put all the dye stuff away until the new year, did two pots of wool skeins just before the last market so have enough of that left until the new year. My poor carder is being neglected lately, is just sitting there with bags of fibre around it.
While it has been cold out we have only gotten a skiff of snow thank-goodness so outside work continues when we can, sun was shining today but when I went out it was not warm but supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Charlotte has not I resort to going around to the neighboring ranches and ask if I can check out their pigeons??? They already think I am the crazy lady on the hill so I do not think they would be surprised. My sister Jeannie says there is something to be said for arranged marriages, we should have found a guy pigeon for her before she had to go looking for one herself. Well am off to finish sewing suede onto bottoms of slipper socks, not my favorite thing to do, I think I have run out of gas lately. Should also put a pot of soup on the stove, made a pot of chicken with rice soup a few days ago and we inhaled was so good. Nothing like a bowl of homemade soup!!


Anonymous said...

you are so busy!, I feel so lazy after reading your post ;)

homemade soup sounds delicious right now as its cold and raining here...again!

take care :)

Val said...

All the things you do amazes me! Not much wonder you feel tired. I did awards today on my blog, but I didnt know how to link back to you so I'll leave this message. sorry to hear about Charlottes flight/plight.

Eileen said...

Wow, all the activity - I don't imagine you are sleeping much, are you?

Good thing you have the soup. We've been doing the soup thing, too - something about soup and winter, it's a natural pairing!