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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Should I do First???

Lately it seems all I have been doing is running in circles, at this time of year there is so much to do. If the weather is warm enough there is so much outside work, getting the flower beds ready for winter, we finished siding the garage and just have the big door to put in, have decided to leave putting the floor in until spring as we are running out of time and of course the big problem is.....we did not put a pigeon door in the is Charlotte going to come and we did put a window in that opens...maybe we can take the screen off and she can come and go that Charlotte has found herself a guy friend all by herself. He is very sneaky...comes to visit just at dusk...have not caught him having a sleepover...he does not stick around long enough for me to ask his intentions toward Charlotte. We are calling him Sirus.
We had our guild sale last Sat. I had dyed up some skeins of wool which all sold and the hats I knit then felted all sold too and now we have the Christmas market sale and I have to get some more stock made up, have been trying to knit one hat a night, so far have four finished and am working on the fifth. Want to get some dye pots going too, maybe next week. Finished knitting the three pair of slipper socks on order, just have to sew the suede on the heels of two pair and the sole on the other pair and get them mailed off. Have also been spinning some alpaca/merino/silk I carded together the other day, it is a off white color so would like to rainbo dye it and right now am leaning to making fingerless mitts with it, have to see when I ply it what the yardage is. I loved the yarn I just dyed and had the same problem I always have of wanting to keep it for myself, will post a picture. Better get the dyepots brewing again.


limestone coasties said...

loving the yarn cant wait for more pics :)

Shelley's Garden said...

The yarn looks beautiful. I can see why you have a hard time parting with it. Now that the weather has become cold this may let you focus on Christmas Market coming up so soon. I'm amazed at what you can accomplish in one night!

Sanguiknity said...

Pretty colors! You sound busy in all your posts, good luck with everything this winter!