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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where have I been and what am I doing!!

As I say every time I log into post "where is the time going"!! Has been so busy lately have to think back to remember what I did first. The exciting thing is I did get my new carder and the big problem I have been having is finding time to use it, I have carded some adult alpaca on it and can not believe the beautiful job it does in one pass, I wanted to add some merino to the alpaca so I put it through the carder a second time and then a third to get everything mixed together and it really mixes the different fibre together. I could have eliminated one of the cardings if I had layered the merino with the alpaca on the first pass, will remember that the next time. I took the carded fibre off in rovings and it spun so easy. I ordered a picker too and it just came yesterday but have not had time to take it out of the box yet. Then it was my mothers birthday and my sister was having a get together at her house, usually we have it in the town hall but not that many could make it as they had other commitments for the weekend. I took a day to go into the city to do some shopping and stopped in town to fill the car with gas, when I got in the car from gassing up I happened to look down at a pair of gloves between the car seats....AND....was that mouse droppings!! IN THE CAR!!! Then I looked at the floor under my feet....IT LOOKED LIKE A HERD OF MICE WERE LIVING IN THE CAR!!!! I did not have time to go back home and knew that RH was in the yard so would not answer the phone or I would have had him bring the truck down for me to use. So I had to keep going....wondering if I had something in the car (did not take my knitting as I was driving) to tie my pant legs closed, so shopped all day hating to put my bags in the car, where could I put the apple I brought with me so the mice would not get on it etc. etc. I never even thought when I grabbed my cloth shopping bags as I went in for groc. that they could have been a mouse in wasn't until after I put them up on the counter that I thought of it and was so relieved nothing jumped out when the girl packed my groc. Can you imagine the excitement if that would have happened!! So managed to get everything done and get home without a mouse siteing. I told RH that I had to drive around all day with mice in the car....he did not believe me until I had him go out and look....then he came in with a panicked look on his face... he said how could they have gotten in... there is no food in there... I said there is enough crumbs from you eating on the go in the car to last them for months I said they probably got in when you decided to take the garbage from the barn to the dump and used the car instead of the truck, the barn is running with mice this year. I had him take the live mouse trap out with some dry cat food in it and in about an hour there were three mice in it. Now he knew I was going to go down to my sisters on the weekend and the car needed the brakes fixed plus when I got up to speed on the highway the car shook all needed a wheel can he drive like that, I had not driven it for ages. So I said I was going to take the truck when I went, we just got a new one and I had not driven it yet, I do not think he thought I would....well the weekend came around....he had not taken the car in to be I took the truck and oh my goodness!! It drives so nice...people give you more respect when you have a truck instead of a small car...I do not think I want to drive the car anymore. Anyway got down for my Mother's birthday party, my sisters horse had her baby the morning before I left so got to go admire it, then stopped at other sister's and got to admire her beautiful house plants, her bottle calves and her cutest little dog in the world, and then came home. Was worried as my pygmy Mom's had not kidded before I left but I thought whatever happens happens, one girl had her kids without a problem just before I drove into the yard. one more had her kids a day later which left the last one who looked like a balloon. We had friends stop in and stay the night, they were on holidays, had a good visit, had not seen them for years. Then it was get the llama show organized for the fair, plus I had entered some fleeces for the fleece show and some cooking for the bench show and some of my knitting and spinning. so got everything ready to go for the weekend. As I have run out of time for now I will let you know in the next post how I made out at the fair. Will leave you a picture of a couple of the new kids.


Eileen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, because it brought me to yours! I have to admit to being jealous of your carder; I can't wait to see what it makes out of that last batch of fleece you cleaned & dyed. I *like* that nice saturated lace skein, it will look nice and rich knitted up into something elegant!

Shelley's Garden said...

Hi, enjoyed the mouse story. I'm glad their gone!