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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Here  goes, hoping between blogger and my laptop I will be able to post, We have had such warm weather and that means wind and more wind, we had a couple bad days with the wind over 140 klm, lost some shingles on the new house and half of a large evergreen broke off. The shingles are only covered on insurance if the wind is under 120 klm. We had quite a strong wind last night but did not hear any shingles taking off so am hoping the guy tarred them down. now are supposed to get bad wind again tomorrow. It is getting so warm am worried about my perennials I brought from the other place. the people that lived here before us had planted trees all around the house but left an opening to the west because of the view and that is where the wind has been coming from.
   I was so busy with Christmas markets and knitting orders of socks it was taking ages to get the house straightened out and we seemed to be living out of boxes, and knitting had to get finished before Christmas as they were gifts, plus my mother has been has been in the hospital which is over two hours away from where we live, managed to get down and see her a couple of times. Then the friday before Christmas I woke up with a bad tooth ache, managed to get a dentist appointment and had an abscessed back tooth so was on meds and could not chew anything, am now scheduled next week for a root canal. RH had put the tree up. last year we had bought an artificial tree so he just had to take it out of the box and it was a tree the lights were on, so there it sat until Christmas eve, we finally dug out a few boxes with ornaments in them and we had a decorated tree for Christmas day, the bottom was a bit scarce on decorations but next year all the boxes should be sorted out and I will know where things are. Keep saying to myself....this time next year....things will be better. Here was our tree.

Don't know whether I have ever posted the pictures of some of the needle felted items my daughter M.J. had made and gifted to me, they are beautiful. Am always afraid the cats will think they were made for them.


Blogger is trying my patience, it is only letting me download one picture at a time and does not want me to move them around, am giving up and leaving them where they are. Son T is coming out tomorrow to help sort out our computers and routers etc. so hopefully things will go better after that. Slowly am getting the furniture in it's place, this house is so much smaller so is a challenge fitting things in, once we get one of the bedrooms organized for a computer T.V. room things will start to get into shape, one thing about having the tree up and it seeming so crowded, when I took it down it looked like we had more room. This time next year....this is what I keep telling myself......Now this picture is not an is Sheba supervising the taking down of the you see the halo around her head.....she did not take anything off the tree this year and destroy it......I hope she is not thinking....,next year at this time....I will have more energy.....
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and wishing everyone a healthy New Year!! And here is hoping blogger will be nice and let me post this........