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Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow and more snow!!

When is this ever going to end,I am not going to post anymore snow pictures as they look exactly like the pictures on the last post, this is our third day of snow and blowing snow and they are saying another storm tonight. The drifts are so high in around the barns that you can hardly walk. RH just came in from chores and was so tired he has gone for a nap. This has got to end sometime....right??
I finished the scarf I was knitting out of the llama yarn that was as thin as sewing thread, tried to get it to sixty inches and finally bound off at (Ithink) fifty-four inches and when I blocked it, it measured around seventy inches....I love it now...what a difference after it had been blocked. With the rest of the yarn from the knitted scarf I thought I would just use it up and try crocheting with it went a lot faster, scarf is not that long but liked the way it came out. I had dyed some more of that type of yarn so decided to crochet a scarf out of it so have it started. These are the socks I have stock piled so far, just finished another pair but have not washed and blocked them yet, was hoping to knit four pair a month but am behind not counting what I sold right after the new year.Better go put another sock on the needles. Have almost finished knitting the vest I am going to felt, have the back and fronts knit, now just to sew them together and finish the edges, they have you pick up stitches and knit a couple rows on the edges.
A few years ago I had spun up some brown wool I carded with some gold and purple sparkle and I thought I would knit up the Einstein Coat for myself like the baby Einstein coat I made, but when I knit up a swatch it felt too overtwisted so decided to put it back through the spinning wheel and take some of the twist out of it and see what happened, I washed it and hung it to dry but maybe should have weighted it with something, will do that with the other skeins. It knit up a lot better so I will be running the other skeins through the spinning and reset them too. It will be good to use the yarn up and I think it is perfect for this sweater coat.
The ceiling is finished and lights are up in my work area so have been cleaning up and sorting for the last few days and now I can get back to carding fibre and doing some sewing. I am finding fibre that I did not know I even had.... do not even remember buying.....a big bag of cashmere??.....when did I buy that....I won't even mention what other stuff I found.....I have to admit I have an addiction....does anyone know of a group called Fibre Pig Anonymous?? I can not buy anymore fibre....I have to keep repeating this to myself. I just found an acronym that fits me perfectly...."SABLE"...Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy...that is a bit scary. Now I better go start working on this fibre stash!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We needed moisture...but isn't there another way!!!

Woke up this morning to the wind howling and the snow blowing, looks like some drifts are four feet high. Maxx went out the bottom door with RH when he went out to do the chores and a minute later there was this thump at the front door...he wanted in bad...and it must have been bad as he came through the drift on the front steps...look how much snow was up against the door...and he brought some in with him. This what spring looks like around here. Am glad I got as much garden work done that I did, the mice had tunneled all through my front flowerbeds leaving roots and bulbs exposed, I had tossed some dirt over them but when I was raking off the old leaves etc. I found it was really bad in other areas so spent a day sifting soil over the whole area and watering it in, hope the mice did not kill the lilies, see no sign of them coming up yet but hope they come later, so far some iris, my favorite poppy which was the first thing up and now is probably flat, some tulips, the bleeding heart plant and the two columbine plants. I thing I like about spring is seeing everything come up. just before it snowed I went down to the garden area and noticed the crocus starting to bloom, it is so startling to see this bright blue in the dull brown grass. The snow should not last long, we had such hot dry winds for a few days and the other night there was smoke coming over the hills so something caught on fire, thank-goodness by the time we went to bed it was gone, so am thankful for the moisture even if it came in snow, things should green up now. Now back to trying to get my work area straightened out so I can get some more fibre carded.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is coming slowly

This morning the sun is out and the birds are flying around cheeping happily. The snow is finally off the front flowerbeds and the tulip leaves are showing, have to go out in a minute and do some scratching around. The mice had a hayday under the snow this winter, hope they did not do too much damage. A lot of my bulbs had the dirt dug away from them so as I was potting inside plants I covered them up with the old pot dirt so we will see. I ordered some new poppy seeds and they came in the mail yesterday so better get them planted and under the grow lights.
I finally got the fibre back that had been at the mill for a year, I had them just wash, pick and dehair and it turned out great.I only had one llama fleece and the rest was alpaca. The llama fleece was from a young male and he was white with small brown spots so the fibre is an off white but will look great dyed. I carded the llama with some merino/silk roving and it turned out sooo soft. I spun some up and although I thought I had put a lot of twist in it, I could have had more, I find llama needs a lot of twist in the singles. I plied most of it two ply and then what was left on one bobbin I navaho plyed and I think I like it better in the three ply so will try the next skein three ply. You would not believe how soft it is. I can not wait to card up the alpaca, the light reddish brown and white is so soft and the grey and black are nice too but is a bit coarser as it was from older animals. RH has been working downstairs tiling the floor, drywalling and now is finishing the suspended ceiling so everything is stacked all over and that is where my work area is so have not accomplished much except for knitting this winter. I have such bad allergies so have been battling runny eyes and sinus problems, almost done...will be so glad when everything is put back in its place and all the dust is cleaned up but it is going to be so nice, our house has a walkout basement with large windows to the floor and now with the light colored floor tile and white ceiling it is so bright down there. Had a great Easter with all the kids and grandkids out for dinner, only one missing was younger son as he works in the oil patch, he purchased a house up there last fall so cooked dinner for his buddies that could not make it home either. Well am off to plant my poppy seeds and then go out and scratch around "carefully"in my flower beds.