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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back Again

Well I guess it is about time I wrote again, time seems to fly by. So to continue from last did I place in the fair. Well the baking was eaten a while ago and no pictures. I only baked three things, the Saskatoon pie, the spice cake and some squares. Now three years ago a family in honor of their mother donated a special of five hundred dollars for the best Saskatoon pie, that year I came in second, last year being the hundred year anniversary for the fair the prize for best Saskatoon pie was a thousand dollars and I did not even place, berries were so terrible around here, now...this year it was a hundred dollars....AND I GOT FIRST!! for my Saskatoon pie! I got first for the spice cake and second for the squares. Then on my fibrey items I entered I got first and best of section for my vest I knit out of the painted knit tube of wool and for the rest I have the ribbons on the items in the picture. I had entered four llama fleeces and I got first second, third and fourth in the class. So did not do too bad, was such a hot! hot! day. Then I had time to play with my new carder and I love it, the picture shows the first fibre I carded on it, some grey alpaca in roving and a skein spun, you can see by the drum on the carder I was already into brown llama. I am entering a skein of 100% llama and a skein of a llama blend, the blend is of llama, superwash merino and a bit of tussah silk. Now have to get them spun up, am also entering the feather and Fan scarf out of llama and I have three llama fleeces to go into the competition at the conference. Then I carded fibre and I carded fibre sometimes long into the night and I spun the fibre and spun the fibre..long into the wonder I have had this headache for the last few days. I had a lady ask me for some insoles for her boots made out of alpaca fibre, now I am not a felter unless I have knit it first....and then just toss it in the washing machine, but I said I would try it, so I made felt...did you read that....I made a big piece of felt...and it did not kill me. And I just cut some insoles out of it and they look so warm. So now I will be felting too. Daughter M.J. the felter said now you have caught the bug....I said NO! NO! not another fibre bug, I am wondering if you can be done in by fibre bugs. I also knit some heavy socks for this same lady, just finished them and they are washed and blocked and ready to go. Mean while I have been picking beans and getting them in the freezer and enjoying the lettuce, carrots and potatoes out of the garden. Loved the colors of the lettuce, had to take pictures, some of it was too beautiful to eat!! Was so glad I took pictures as we had a hail storm come through the other afternoon and the lettuce is not so pretty right now.Just finished the chores, RH is at the farmers market today, hope he did not have to set up the tent in a mud puddle as it really rained last night. I should get busy and clean the house a bit before I start naming the dust/cat hair bunnies rolling around, cats have really been having their tussles lately, they are not young, should not have all this energy for tussles, right now they are sleeping peacefully in a sunbeam